2017 Official Fashion!

It might be a gloomy day at JemCon HQ, but we think our 2017 Official Souvenir Fashion SHINES! There's a misty melody playin' and it makes us think of coffee 'n couture! Here's your first look at this year's outrageous ensemble as it heads into production! Special thanks to our winning designer Michael Artice and our seamstress Tivia for puttin' it all together!

World Tour Concert T-Shirt Contest

JemCon has been held in a lot of places! And this year, we're getting ready to rock out in Seattle, a city famous for its music scene! What better way to commemorate JemCon 2017 than with a JemCon World Tour Concert Souvenir T-Shirt! For the first time ever, we're including a T-Shirt for YOU in our registration and supporting membership packages! And we want to use your design on our shirts!