Jem T-shirt Multiple autographs - For Sale

I am selling my most prized item in my Jem and the Holograms collection. This is a petite sized t-shirt signed by 9 members of the original cast. The signatures on the T-shirt are all authentic and any additional questions or proof are more than welcome upon request. It is signed by the following cast members of "Jem and the Holograms."

Christy Marx - Creator and writer
Samantha Newark - voice of Jem
Britta Phillips - singing voice of Jem
Patricia Albrecht - voice of Pizzazz
Roger Slifer - writer
Townsend Coleman - voice of Riot
Louise Dorsey - voice of Jetta
Susan Blu - voice of Stormer
Desiree Goyas - voice of Danse

I will take offers or you can bid on it here.

I don't want to sell it but I am in financial difficulty.

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