Maintenance Update

Hey everybody.

Having a great new year? We're a month in and yes Damon is doing things in the background as well as writing in the third person. A dedicated mobile site is in-progress and will be available for those of you who have trouble. The mobile site will be accessible from the PC as well in case any of you just prefer it. The mobile site may not have all the features at launch but I'd like to at least get the message board up.

Speaking of social features... we have a new chat. This chat is accessible from anywhere using an IRC client - including your phone. You can access it here from the menu but if you would like to access it from your phone I personally use AndroIRC on my Android phone. There are many good solutions for the Apple iPhone and iPad platform as well, if you don't wish to use the web version. I would like to see people using the chat more. It isn't always active but if no one waits then there will just be strangers and no friends.

Now for the less fun news, because ending on a sour note is best-- users who have not logged into their account yet will have their accounts removed by February 12th.. For the nearly 200 of you who have logged in, thanks! For those of you who miss the deadline you can always re-register and start your account fresh.

-- Your asocial webmaster, Synthguy / Damon