Phonecall, Synergy!

As JemCon's first "virtual" guest Ms. Aragon will take part in a question and answer session by phone, but will not be appearing at JemCon in person.

Marlene Aragon has numerous professional credits in the entertainment industry as a singer, actress, spokeswoman, narrator and cartoon/commercial voice actress. She began her career as a professional model and worked in jazz clubs, theaters, film and TV before it was showtime for Synergy on Jem & The Holograms! In addition to voicing Jem's holographic supercomputer, fans know her as the voice of Countess DuVoisin and Jacqui Benton. Aragon's voice acting career also included stints as Wonder Woman's arch nemesis Cheetah in Superfriends, plus roles in Jana of the Jungle, Transformers and Smurfs. Aragon's love of music led her to stretch her musical endeavors to that of writer and producer of children's music with the the Piggelty-Woo series of books and cassettes for children and also the jazz-pop CD "Improv '99".