Planned Maintenance - Thursday June 18th - Completed

The original post is below but all but one issue has been resolved.

The mobile site still relies on Javascript for the time being. I hope to have this fixed soon but it will not be part of this update. The original post is below.

June 18th we'll we going down for some maintenance. I plan to take the site down sometime in the afternoon and have it come back up sometime Friday. There is a chance that it will come back earlier. The chat will be available and I will try to keep everyone up to date.

For those interested in more information I will include a list of planned updates below. This does not cover every issue I am working on but it covers what I expect to have solved when the site comes back up Friday. I will also update this after the fact.

I would also like to point out our new issue reporting form which you can use if you have a problem with the website but do not want to register or post a thread. Items which have been taken care of are have a line through them.

  • General Message Board Software Upgrade
  • Message Board Action Links (edit, reply and so on) will be more visible
  • The post editor will be improved or taken out back, shot and replaced.
  • Maintenance tasks will no longer be preformed at the expense of a user (sorry!)
  • Mobile navigation menu will use an alternate version for those without javascript.
  • Misc. backend changes only the web staff will care about.

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