Souvenir Fashion Prototype Preview!

We are pleased to debut the JemCon 2016 Official Souvenir Fashion based on the winning contest design submitted by Michael Golliher.

The dress is a soft stretch velvet that fits both vintage and modern dolls. The star is a hot pink vinyl that attaches by a hidden velcro closure and allows the sparkling glitter netting to wrap around the dress. The lycra glove is convertible with a closed mitten style that fits the molded vintage hands while being covered by a velvet fingerless arm band, ideal for the different hand shapes found on the modern dolls. This fashion includes shoes to fit vintage dolls only. It also includes two JemCon firsts...a clip-on pink hair extension and our very first JemCon custom instrument...a doll-sized guitar to match! This year's fashion will be produced in limited numbers by Tivia for JemCon 2016 and is available as an option with registration for JemCon attendees or with supporting memberships. Reserve yours now by registering for JemCon 2016!