Suggestions for a playlist of Jem, Misfit & Stinger songs?

Hi all,

I'm making a Jem music CD (original Jem, not movie) for my partner. I don't know enough about Jem to know whether the songs I've chosen are considered good or not. I'm afraid I can't find out if she has favourites without giving the game away. I do know she likes some of the The Stinger's songs though (Just not sure which!).

I made a tentative playlist based off of somebody else's YouTube playlist. This was made before I found out she liked the The Stingers and it so it doesn't have any of The Stinger's songs in there yet.

  1. Jem - Opening Theme Song
  2. Misfits - Universal Appeal
  3. Jem - She Makes an Impression
  4. Misfits - Winning is Everything
  5. Misfits - It Takes A Lot To Survive
  6. Jem - Twilight in Paris
  7. Jem - Deception
  8. Misfits - I Am A Giant
  9. Misfits - Designing Woman
  10. Jem - I Got My Eye On You
  11. Misfits - Makin' Mischeif
  12. Jem - We Can Change It
  13. Jem - Love Unites
  14. Misfits - Outta My Way
  15. Jem - People Who Care
  16. Misfits - Takin' It All
  17. Misfits - Who Is She Anyway
  18. Misfits - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
  19. Jem - Puttin' It All Together
  20. Jem - Share A Little Bit of Yourself
  21. Misfits - You Oughta See The View From Here
  22. Jem - Can't Get My Love Together
  23. Jem - Something Is Missing In My Life
  24. Jem - There's A Melody Playin'
  25. Jem - Too Close For Comfort
  26. Jem - Come On In The Water's Fine
  27. Jem - Love is Here
  28. Jem - When It's Only Me And The Music
  29. Jem - Broadway Magic
  30. Jem - Love's Not Easy
  31. Jem - Only The Beginning
  32. Jem - Friend of Stranger
  33. Jem - Glitter And Gold
  34. Jem - She's Got The Power
  35. Jem - Time Is Running Out
  36. Jem - It Depends On The Mood I'm In
  37. Jem - Getting Down To Business
  38. Jem - Like A Dream
  39. Jem - Running Like The Wind
  40. Jem - Set Your Sails
  41. Jem - Music is Magic
  42. Jem and The Misfits - Click Clash

I have 10 Stingers Songs I could put in. The CD is at capacity with the current songs, so I would have to take one out for each Stinger song I put in. Stinger songs I have: 
  1. All In The Style
  2. Are You Feeling Alright
  3. Destiny
  4. It's A Hard, Hard Life
  5. Let Me Be
  6. Mind Games
  7. Perfect Match
  8. Stingers Theme
  9. Take it or Leave it
  10.  Under My Spell
Any suggestions on changes would be appreciated.

Thanks Smile