World Tour Concert T-Shirt Contest

JemCon has been held in a lot of places! And this year, we're getting ready to rock out in Seattle, a city famous for its music scene! What better way to commemorate JemCon 2017 than with a JemCon World Tour Concert Souvenir T-Shirt! For the first time ever, we're including a T-Shirt for YOU in our registration and supporting membership packages! And we want to use your design on our shirts!

Our new contest is sure to fit you to a tee because you can put almost any image you want on a T-Shirt. And words too! Keep in mind that simple, clear graphics work best on T-Shirts. So we're asking you to get creative. Retro? Abstract? Sleek? Wild? '80s? Iconic? What do you think a JemCon World Tour Concert T-Shirt would look like?

Here's what you need to know to get started:

  • Deadline for submissions is: May 22nd, 2017
  • Your design will be featured on the FRONT of our World Tour T-Shirt.
  • T-Shirts will be one-color printing (for example: black ink on white fabric or pink ink on black fabric). You can create your design digitally or by hand. You can be as intricate and creative as you want and can include the use of gradient shading within your one-color scheme, but please remember your graphic will not include multiple colors when it is printed so it should be bold, clear, and excitingly monochromatic!
  • Feel free to design in the color of your choice and pair it with a background color (fabric color) of your choice, too! We will do our best to accommodate, but colors may be subject to change if necessary based on availability.
  • Your design may be subject to resizing for easy printing.
  • Original artwork is outrageous, but please do not use copyrighted names, images, or inappropriate or offensive subject matter in your design! JemCon is family friendly, after all!
  • You may use the words "JemCon" and "World Tour" in your design.
  • The final design will be printed on unisex T-Shirts.

  • Please design as large as you like - we will adjust sizing to fit the shirt if needed.
  • We recommend 12" maximum width and 16" maximum length.
  • We recommend the following approximate pixel size: 3612px x 4816px, or 300 PPI/DPI.
  • Please format and submit your high quality design as a PNG or PDF.
  • Images must be less than 40 MB.

  • This contest is open to all ages. Anyone can enter!
  • JemCon staff members are also allowed to enter.
  • The winner will be selected by a private panel of judges.

In addition to having your design showcased on a T-Shirt everyone at JemCon 2017 will be wearing and taking home, the winner will also receive their Souvenir T-Shirt in a prize pack. So even if the Misfits keep you from attending JemCon, you'll still be able to show off to your friends! The JemCon World Tour Concert Souvenir T-Shirt will be available to JemCon 2017 attendees AND in Supporting Members packages.