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Suggestions for a playlist of Jem, Misfit & Stinger songs?

Hi all,

I'm making a Jem music CD (original Jem, not movie) for my partner. I don't know enough about Jem to know whether the songs I've chosen are considered good or not. I'm afraid I can't find out if she has favourites without giving the game away. I do know she likes some of the The Stinger's songs though (Just not sure which!).

I made a tentative playlist based off of somebody else's YouTube playlist. This was made before I found out she liked the The Stingers and it so it doesn't have any of The Stinger's songs in there yet.

Jem stuff for sale!

Hi, I have my next Jemarama list coming out after the con. but if anyone is looking for anything specific in the way of dolls, clothes or shoes in the Hasbro line please pm me or email me. and also pm me if u want to be added to my Jemarama sale/trade list Smile Sorry, I don't have any Integrity items at this time.  Also have Darci stuff and clone Jem clothes.